Dam Thi Hoi - Pure & Calm

Apr, 12 2019


You have been with Obayashi for nearly 13 years, however it’s the first time I have met you in our one-week overseas training trip in Thailand.  During this time I found that you are quite pure and peaceful in life and rustic but very modern in thinking.  Can you share with us what you do to build your happy home?

My current happiness is in pursuit of my passion, doing my favorite work, caring for my children, watching them grow up every day, and having support and love from my family. Like many modern women today, I have to successfully complete the work in the Company and get on in family life through good time management. Personally, I attach great importance to my physical and mental health care, nutritious meals are always my top priority to keep my family happy, having a habit of sleeping early for long enough, listening to my body more are what we should do to help ourselves find happiness and plan our future.

Which experience from Thailand trip with Team in HCM makes you love traveling and devoting to Obayashi for so long?

Each trip, every destination gives us great experience, knowing more about new customs in different cultures.  I also love the Japanese country and its culture, so I have a strong attachment to Obayashi until now.  I believe opportunities to visit this country is coming soon.

And in terms of career, to manage the design team well, what do you focus on or do?

In my point of view, on feminine gender, especially the younger generation, we should value both outer and inner beauty.  In addition, it is very helpful to have professional knowledge, soft skills in communication, and behavior and ability to make decisions. 

Life is definitely full of ups and downs.  During times when life, work or family depress you, how do you quickly regain your inner strength? 

“Just stay calm”- all will be easily solved!"

In your viewpoint; how important is family to help your work and life balance?

The work as an Architect occupies almost all of my time, often I’m coming home late, so I don’t have enough time for household chores; but luckily, I receive a strong and sharing support from loving family members; my Mother, in-laws, my husband and my aunt-in-law.  They always give me the peace of mind to focus on my work.  I am so grateful and appreciate it.

Thank you for your sharing and useful advice for us.