Ho Thi Hoa – Follow My Passion

Jan, 03 2019


To let you know more about Design team, we have a short talk with A Senior Manager in Hochiminh Head Office this month. She joined OVC in June 2002 as an Architect, over 16 years of working experience in Obayashi Vietnam Corporation provides her a good knowledge of Vietnamese market and understand well clients’ desire to offer them the best concept.
I think everybody is curious about your working style to provide new ideas for our clients, can you tell us the specific principle in your creativity?
I really prefer the simple style – minimalism in life as well as in architecture design idea. For me, it allows me to recognize the things that I truly value and to clear superfluous clutters.  As Leonardo Da Vinci saying “ Simplicity is ultimate sophistication”.

As a Manager & a Mom of 2 kids at the age of teenager while they need you spend more time with them, so what do you do to keep your work and life balance?
Yoga and Meditation really bring me inspiration and self-control, great for managing stress and pressure. I maintain regular practice to refresh my mind and nourish my body. I think all of you can do it if you really have passion and know what you want.
I have one more question for you, I know you love drawing and Architecture since you were a kid, but “if you had a chance to choose your career again, would you challenge you in another domain?”
I have a passion and aptitude for painting drawing since my childhood and have working dream related to this. However, before graduated from high school, I had no image or plan to approach University of architecture until my friend asked me replace her to join a course of drawing practice for examination.
With me, architecture is still my correctly decision until now ….

Thank you so much for your interesting share. Good luck to you!