Idea For Cover Page Of Monthly Newsletter

Jan, 02 2018

January 2018

Rhythm Of Life


The idea for the cover page bumped into my head while I was listening to my favorite song "Comfortably numb" and saw the album's art accidently: a light transforms into a rainbow through a prism. Lyric and rhythm of the song remind me of what I expect for February, something shining, something fresh, something colorful, and new hopes which represent for a wonderful start of the Lunar new year. We might see red which represents generally in most of Tet's cover books, that's make me bored so I choose something else which is unusual, colorful beam diagonals with different shades, which reminds us of the new random chances we will have if we try something news.

Ms. Doan Khanh Linh
HCM Design Department
OVC Joining Date: November 2017

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