Le Minh Thanh – A Day In My Life

May, 08 2019


Could you tell us about an average day in your life?
Answer: Thank you for this interesting talk. I have a small rooftop garden and my first day activities start from here, take care of my garden, do exercise, then wake up my kids to ready for school.

That's so healthy to warm up a new day! What time do you often go to bed?
Answer: (laugh…) it depends! flexible! but often before 12pm and of course with some exceptions.

Let's talk about your career. How many projects have you done until now?
Answer: In 2007, when I joined OVC, I was working in Phuc Dien & Tan Truong industrial parks in Hai Duong province where I participated and completed projects such as Jaguar Factory, Aureole Business Components & Devices Inc. factory, Yusen Air & sea service warehouse, Sanyu Seimitsu, etc. Since October 2008, I have been transferred to Thang Long Industrial Park to join Canon Misc. group and support the nearby projects. Do you think my work is different from others in the design section?

Wow! if I don’t know you, I think you are doing as an Engineer. Are you studying anything now? What kind of soft skill classes to you currently attend, if any
Answer: I am burning to learn new things, but time is not allowed me to approach by normal way. So I follow my own way, learning Revit software by Internet

Where would you like to see your career go in the future?
Answer: Career success is what any OVC employee wants and aims. However, I understand that everything has a reason. We work smart and are determined to fight for that goal. I am not an exception.

That's impressive. Do you have any private future projects? Please tell us        
Answer: A very interesting question. I like making plans, for the Company common goal and for a busier life. Anyway, I am absolutely interested in connecting Design & Build by latest software application.
Great. How about your retirement plan? At the age of 50, 60, or never want to retire. 
Answer: By the time I hit 60, and then hopefully, I still continue working as seniors in our company do now in position of senior advisors. They are great examples of talent and devotion. I respect and admire them. At my age, 42 now, I am in the top aspiration of working, working is my life.

That's good to hear. You seem to have a busy life of an Architecture, my dream is doing as an Architecture too. I would like to be a famous Designer. Thank you for the interview.
Answer: Thank you.