Mai Chi Tho - Friendly Frankness & Full Energy

Feb, 11 2019


I know you can play some classic instruments, sing folk songs, and you often appear in an impressive beard, we think that you are an artist rather than an Architect, do you have any secrets but we don't know? Also please use a brief description about you in only four words?
When thinking about an artist, people often think of the image of a romantic person who loves poets or music. In my opinion, whether you are an architect or musician or artist, you all need passion and persistence to pursue your achievements.

The four words to describe my personality are: Friendly frankness and full energy

Where does your full energy source come from?

I feel that luckily I have been able to do the job in my own right, and to live and work within my passion. I often nourish my body by participating in sport clubs and nurturing my mind by music, these help to balance and give me a top level of concentration. My most powerful source of motivation is still my small family, they bring me new inspiration and a high level of energy.  

Looking back 10 years, which limitations did you find yourself wanting to overcome?
I became a very hardworking person from a very lazy one

Will you continue to contribute to OVC for the next 10 years?
In 10 years I will have learned a lot from Japanese people, I am very proud to always go a long way. I always have a tendency of positive change, long-term dedication and commitment. I want to contribute as much as I can to the company and to my career!

I really like your working style, very fast and good planning. Thank you and good luck!!