Shinobu Yamanaka - General Director
Mr. Shinobu Yamanaka    
General Director

I have joined Obayashi Corporation in 1986. After many years of working in Japan and overseas such as US, Singapore and Middle East, currently I have got assignment in Vietnam as a General Director since 2012.

My best period in my career so far was in Singapore and I completed a government project called CREATE which was S$285m world-class research facility in a tropical garden setting, co-located with the National University of Singapore’s University Town just before coming to Vietnam. I have learnt how to provide favorable outcomes for my client in quality, schedule, safety, cost and much more. It was a very challenging project but my team worked very well with client, authority, project management and design team and achieved results for the client’s very high requirement by hard-working with ethical and honest professional approach throughout the construction process.

After meeting my staff in Vietnam, I was impressed by a complete professional team of design and construction which are capable of responding to each of our clients’ unique needs which includes new building set up, renovation and maintenance. I found that my team is able to offer its clients the full package professional design and construction services.  

I keep talking to all of my staff about importance of communication and they are responding to my request very well. We are developing much higher level professional team day by day and I do believe I will have another best of my career with my team in Vietnam.