Mr. Tran Huu Ninh
Mr. Tran Huu Ninh

Director, Deputy General Manager of Hanoi Branch Office

With a position of the oldest M/E local staff of Obayashi Vietnam Corporation, since the establishment of Obayashi representative office in the early 90's of the last century, I have always planned to make M/E department of Obayashi Vietnam Corporation become one of the best M/E units between Japanese General Contractors in Vietnam. And now, yes, my dream has come true. No doubt, it is said that M/E department of Obayashi Vietnam is the number one and we will keep this record forever.

If you do not believe, please trust us, we are always ready for all challenges, and we will never make you disappointed.

Our target is higher quality, lower cost, more reliability; less claim and trouble.

Our duty is to make our customers happy. We feel happy when customers are satisfied with our services.

For all the above, I think that knowledge and experience is the key to every success. I realize that education and job training of new employees is one of the most important things so I pay much attention to this activity and intent to continue it as long as possible.