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Voices of Staffs From Otsuka Pharmaceutical VN JSC and United Packaging Completed Project

Otsuka Pharmaceutical VN JSC At Long Binh Industrial (Amata) Completed Project

In this project, we noticed that strict standard for building works of clean room should be considered seriously; because to manufacture drugs and water ionizer, the conditions for a factory operating must be tested carefully by Ministry of Health. To meet our expectation, we made sure that the factory must be moisture-proof, antibacterial and ME equipment for the upper production lines.



Perhaps, this was our hardest time during the construction execution. However, thanks to amicable instruction from management board and strong connection among team, we at Obayashi GEMBA handed over the project with an expected quality and on schedule, we were very delighted at this successful achievement. On behalf of Gemba team, from the bottom of my heart, I would like to express my sincere thanks to Board of Management and colleagues who have given us the chances to complete this project.


Mr. Dao Anh Khoa
Ho Chi Minh Building Department
OVC Joining Date: March 2018


Manufacturing Factory Project of United Packaging Co., Ltd.

Looking back, great memories when we built a factory from vacant land, although we’ve experienced variety of difficulties from weather, manpower, and tight schedule, OVC Gemba team are content with our attempt to reach the goal we set when started this project.



Thanks to good management, effective coordination between Design & Build, and ME team and great effort of all the sub-contractors, United Packaging Project was completed not only on time but also safely to ensure client satisfaction. Finally, I would like to say a big thank to all worker, sub-con, who are hand in hand with OVC to complete this project.



Mr. Pham Thanh Dong
Ho Chi Minh Building Department
OVC Joining Date: February 2017