Nguyen Duc Dung - Challenges with AEON Project

Mar, 07 2019


Mr. NGUYEN DUC DUNG – Challenges with AEON Project

Hi!  Recently, almost all of your time is to manage the AEON team on site (GEMBA), we have been building 5 Aeon mall Shopping Centers up to now - in which three of them in HCMC you have been involved.  Does the working time on site (GEMBA), have an impact on your family life?

Answer: If comparing a normal job with an Architect, there will be many differences, architects working in office and on site (GEMBA) are also remarkably different.  Many people may not realize that, but in fact when working on site (GEMBA), the work will go in a positive direction, promptly adjusting the design drawings and being flexible when absolutely needed, also to examine each detail extremely thoroughly.  As everyone knows, the biggest problem for an architect is time and concentration; however, I am very fortunate to be fully supported by my family to develop all my thinking skills.

This makes me work harder and devote my focus in the past and future years. 

When working at the construction site (GEMBA), what makes you love your job the most?

Answer: I’m so happy to see the project progress and being completed day by day.  In particular, my working space is open out of the 4 walls in an office, I can refresh my spirit after checking the site.

What motivates you most in your work?

Answer: For an Architect, the quality of the work place is extremely important, not only do I need a computer screen, and a place to check the A1-sized drawings after being printed or made into architectural models; but, also it should be a place where people feel good and motivated in the natural and comfortable lighting.


Do you have any hobbies besides design?

Answer: I love music.  Music is my pleasure.  Whenever I'm tired or under pressure, I often listen to music.  Ballad songs make me feel relaxed and comfortable. It can be said that music is like a soulmate, helping me feel more peaceful after stressful working hours.  Also I often play football and badminton during the weekends.

The Aeon project is expected to be completed in April 2019, you will no longer work at that site, what is your future plan?
Answer: I plan to travel everywhere, to experience the new world.  Let’s see