Internal News

Ground-Breaking Ceremony of TOTO Viet Nam Faucet factory Project

After making a lot of efforts, we won the contract with TOTO Viet Nam for constructing their new factory. This factory will manufacture faucet according to the highest standard.
In comparison with other projects that I’ve worked for, this project has many special and rigorous requirements; however, with the support from Japanese and Vietnamese colleagues, I believe the project will be completed in a timely manner, and it will meet all requirements as well as bring satisfaction to the Owner.

On first days of the New Year, well begun is half done in our point of view about high spirit; TOTO Viet Nam, as we know, is a very well-known company in the sanitary equipment and has chosen Obayashi as the main contractor of the project.

We believe that with standards on safety, quality and progress which are always top priority of OVC, the TOTO Viet Nam faucet factory will be put into operation as requested and desired by the owner. I hope there will be new experience in this project with my colleagues.