Sharing From Staff Training In Japan

May, 01 2017

May 2017

 Mr. Nguyen Dich Hung Hiep
Hanoi Building Department
OVC Joining Date: November 2004
Training period: from August 2016 to September 2017





When I came to Japan, I dreamed of visiting Japan from the North (Hokkaido) to the South (Okinawa). To make that dream come true, my vacation in this winter, I went to Hokkaido.

The summer in Hokkaido is cool and it is cold in the winter, so snow falls throughout the winter. The beautiful snow is wonderful for winter sports, especially skiing, and this is one of the main reasons I came to Hokkaido this winter. I attended a short skiing course, and enjoyed super fresh sashimi.

Japanese friends told me that Hokkaido in summer is also extremely beautiful with lavender flowers. It is very likely that this summer I will return to this place.

If you come to Japan, don’t forget Hokkaido to enjoy the great place there!

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