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Oct, 02 2017

October 2017

Japan Today

Japan today is a developed nation in the field of car industry, high technology, transport system etc. as one of the world leaders in economics. Apart from that, Japan also develops tourism strongly. Japan has many beautiful lanscapes, crowded shopping areas, delicious healthy food and the safe country in the world.

This achievement is certain to the recognition of Japan’s efforts and individual self-consciousness. The Japanese eradicated the old things to make new ones and become strong. Typically, the Samurai regime collapsed, abandoned cultural vestiges from China such as changing Lunar New Year, changing education, and so on. They applied methods from developed nations flexibly to suit Japanese culture. That's what Japan has done so well.

Of course, when thinking of Japan, we often think about too much overtime, stress and too much cultural ties.

Today, Japan is facing  with a number of issues on the North Korean crisis, economic policy, aging population, migrant workers ...etc. For me, Japan is still a wonderful country. I hope Japan will be stronger and more developed.




今日、日本は、北朝鮮の危機、経済政策、高齢化、建築業界の労働者確保等の問題に直面しています。私にとって、日本は素晴らしい国です。 日本がより強くて、より発展してくれることを願っています。

Mr. Le Khanh Toan

HN M&E Department
OVC Joining Date: June  2005
Training period: from August 2016 to September 2017

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