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May, 01 2018

May 2018

Column erection & Roof topping Ceremony at Construction site in Japan

This time I would like to introduce the column erection and roof topping ceremony at construction site in Japan.

Column erection, the first ritual of steel structure installation is considered as an important part of the stages in  building process. This ceremony has the meaning of praying for the permanent sustainability of the building.

Participants including the owner, design consultant, Contractors take turn going around the column, pouring wine, salt, rice around the column foot.

After that, column erection officially is starting, then the building will  gradually form.
Roof topping ceremony is the final step when the final beam erection and the frame of the building are completed. On the last beam, people involved in steel structure work (representatives of investors, supervisors, designers, construction workers) will write their names on it as a momenialization.

The roof topping ceremony is meant to express a wish to have been done safely and permanently.

According to the ancient Shinto tradition, on this occasion, we officially invite the Abbot of the Temple to setup the alter for worship, but recently the meaning has changed little by little, turning into an occasion for the investor to give gifts to those whom are involved in building the project.

Participating in these rituals is not only a memorable experience for me, but it is also possible to see that Japanese is very conscious of absolutely safety of the project. Each stage completed without incident is the joy of everyone

Mr. Kieu Viet Ha
HN Building Department
OVC Joining Date: June  2005
Training period: from August 2017 to September 2018