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Feb, 21 2017

February 2017

Japan Best Foods Project  (Completed Project)

I was very honored to be a building engineer at Japan Best Foods Factory Project although it was in the stage of completion. After more than 2 months working here, I learned many things not at school, to specialize knowledge, to improve communication skills with subcontractors and owner.

Everyone here is very happy , sociable and friendly. They helped me so much in work . We’re  not only as a team but also as brothers , working together and having fun together after stressful working time.

I feel very happy  when the project has been completed and handed over on time. Now, I’m ready for new project with new challenges.

Mr. Do Minh Tri
HCM Building Department
OVC Joining Date: Nov 17, 2016

Being a freshman working in a tough environment like Japan Best Foods Project which gave me the huge opportunities to improve my working skills as well as soft skills. It was the time for what I learnt at school come in practice.

JBF was completed last month but I would like to give a big thank to our co-workers who help me in many ways. As we can say no matter how hard is coming in the future for further projects once we worked in JBF.

Mr. Lam Duc Thinh
HCM M&E Department
OVC Joining Date: Oct 10, 2016

Dan On Foods Corporation – My Phuoc 3 Branch New Factory Project (Newly Started Project)

This is the 1st factory-project that OVC cooperates with Vietnamese Owner in HCMC, and the 2nd project with non-Japanese client in Vietnam. With the schedule in 8 months, we have to hand over the building with the best quality and the best safety.

Some interesting items in this project are constructing Swimming Pool and Salon House. I don't know exactly the purpose of these building is service for workers or managers or clients of Dan On Food Corporation, but I think these are new things of a factory.

This project is not only an opportunity but also a challenge to make the Vietnamese  customer satisfied and trust in OVC.
Mr. Tran Minh Hoang
HCM Building Department
OVC Joining Date: Jan 18, 2016

Nanoco Head Office Project (Newly Started Project)

Nanoco Office is an outstanding project which is a small-sized high-rise building but the basis for a new trend of development in OVC.

This building includes 10 floors and a basement with the total area of 188 square metric.

Due to the downtown construction and cramped working conditions, there will be much hardship.

However, the whole staff members would try our best to complete assignments as scheduled.

Mr. Dao Quang Long
HCM Building Department
OVC Joining Date: Jun 20, 2011

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