Naruyoshi Suzuki	- General Manager
Mr. Naruyoshi Suzuki    
Director, Senior General Manager of Hanoi Branch Office

Starting my professional career in Obayashi Corporation in 1987, I worked in Osaka Office Japan until 1994 for various projects such as Hotels, Office Buildings & Renovation of Exhibition Room.

From 1994 to 1998 I moved to Yokohama office and worked for Government Project 23 Storey Building & 4 Basement Level as well as Technical Planning Office, sheet pile, tower crane, and project temporary facilities set up.

My first overseas assignment in Indonesia under PT Jaya Obayashi from 1998 to 2007 was a very challenging part of my Career. I had to work with people from different nationalities, customs and traditions. Although I had travelled many Asian Countries before. Indonesia is the world’s most populous muslim majority nation and they have such unique and different traditions to observe.

Obayashi Vietnam Corporation is my second overseas assignment when I set foot on Vietnam in 2007. This company is such a fast developing branch office outside Japan with a lot of challenging jobs.   

Obayashi Vietnam Corporation is a young company with good Engineers & staffs who are always willing to be trained.  It will be my primary Objective to educate them and impart my experience in construction management.

I like to work with people in various walks of life to clearly understand their values and their traditions especially in Vietnam.   

I consider Vietnam as the prime time of my life and it was indeed the most challenging part of my career.