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Painting Wall Of Kindergarten 2015

Oct, 15 2015


Many of the children placed in the SOS Children’s Village used to live in violent homes, were abandoned by parents or don’t have parents at all. Some children still have families but live at the orphanage because their relatives cannot financially afford to look after them, choosing to have them stay at SOS Children’s Village. The orphanage’s mission is to provide orphans with the opportunity to grow up in a healthy, happy family environment and with the resources to become responsible and independent adults.


In order to lift the spirit of children in SOS Children’s Village, especially kids learn at Kindergarten, we embarked on CSR activities for the painting of the walls of kindergarten. This painting program is conducted together with all sections from company.  


We already have completed painting program on 15 Oct 2015. Looking back at this event, we feel peaceful, and our heart fills with joy because these sweet children have a comfortable place that will make them feel more at home. At the end of the day, there were only a few walls of fresh paint but, more important, we do hope to see happy smile of kids when seeing all walls nicely painted.
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