Sharing About Tokyo Medical University Hospital Project From Mr. Thai Binh Thi Training In Japan

Jan, 02 2018

January 2018


I am on training at Tokyo Medical University Hospital project in Shinjuku Central District. This project is a functional hospital that provides safe and advanced medical care in Japan for marking its 100th anniversary. Language difference makes me a bit nervous and difficult at the beginning; however, people at site are always friendly, not only help me in specialized knowledge but also guide how to handle in work and in life, so now I am getting familiar with.

I am impressed by the cleanliness, strictly safety at site and high work spirit of everyone. Next month, I will check the site by myself and directly participate in supervising site works as an Mechanical & Electrical Engineer. This opportunity gives me clearly view about manner of working and supervising at site in Japan. I believe that with my best efforts and help from everyone, I will perform my assignment well.

Thank you again for supporting me all the time.

Mr. Thai Binh Thi
HCM M/E Department
OVC Joining Date: Sep 10, 2010
Training period: from August 2017 to September 2018