Takako Vietnam phase 2 factory project

Nov, 06 2012

Internal News 2012

Takako Vietnam Co., Ltd. is known as a wholly Japanese-owned company which specialized in manufacturing and sales of car components, high pressure petroleum pomp components, has a firm prestige in the industry and defines their branch name in the market day by day. With a good coordinate foundation, Takako Vietnam Co., Ltd. continues to invest and nominates Obayashi Vietnam to the main contractor for Takako Vietnam Factory Phase 2 project. At no. 43 Tu Do Avenue, Vietnam – Singapore Industrial Park, Thuan An, Binh Duong, the ground breaking ceremony is expected to take place on August 31th 2012 with the expectations of board of manager and all of staffs of both companies. In this project, as position of the main contractor, the whole staff of Obayashi Vietnam Corporation will work together on attempt to complete objectives of qualities, and progresses of this project.