Voices Of Staffs From Toyota Nankai Hai Phong Completed Project

Jun, 01 2018

June 2018

Toyota Nankai Hai Phong Completed Project


In comparison with previous factory projects, Toyota Nankai Haiphong was constructed outside of Industrial Zone and requested to comply with strict quality requirements, especially on finishing and decorating work for car showroom including offices and service areas.

There were some problems arising when constructing the works close to the residential area; however, all of us have made every effort to hand over on time and obtain the satisfaction and appreciation of the owner.


Consequently, we achieved precious experience for future various types of projects, contributing to build a team of engineers, employees of Obayashi Vietnam who are always ready to face challenges, continuously improve themselves as the core culture and spirit of Obayashi family.

The first project of Obayashi Vietnam - Hai Phong office constructed outside Industrial Zones.

Mr. Nguyen Dinh Trung
HCM Building Department
OVC Joining Date: June 2004