Voices of Staffs From Vrec 2nd Phase Construction Newly Started Project

Jan, 31 2019

January 2019

VREC (Viet Nam Rare Elements Chemical) is a chemical plant producing rare chemicals. The design consists of a great deal of complicated production lines, as well as interwoven building blocks of factories and warehouses, especially, in office building block, there is a mini football yard on its roof. These all surely will bring engineers the great excitement during the construction process.

The construction area is geologically weak, so we have to use method pressing piles to increase bearing capacity for foundation before starting to construct. This project has a large area about 60,000 meters, and it has to be handed over within one year. Therefore, we hope that with the efforts of everyone in this project, we can hand over it on schedule but still guarantee its quality and safety


Mr. Nguyen Dinh Vinh
Ho Chi Minh Building Department
OVC Joining Date: December 2016