Building team manages the project to ensure the schedule, quality and safety.


QS Engineer

The estimating department analyzes project plans and specifications to determine the overall estimated cost of a project. This department is skilled at both quantity take-off and conceptual estimating. Estimators gain experience in architectural, structural, mechanical, electrical and civil work.

Building Engineer

As a building supervisor, our job is very responsible and important.

Project engineers and assistant project engineers build the job on paper before work in the field begins. This includes a process whereby "shop drawings" are prepared by the subcontractors and reviewed prior to being submitted to the architect or engineer for approval. The project engineer is responsible for preparing detailed purchasing requisitions for the purchasing department to use when defining work that needs to be contracted for.

QA/QC Engineer

The QA/QC Engineer supervises the field construction of a project, including its organization, planning, and scheduling, in order to complete the work on time, within the budget, and to quality specified. In the performance of this function, the QA/QC team is responsible to protect and promote the interest of in all matters and to take required actions to satisfy the duties of the position.